About us

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‘feast on food that makes you feel good’


We are a mother and daughter team who have a love of food and cooking for others, as well as a desire to make people feel good. We have owned several restaurants in the UK, as well as a hotel in Mallorca. We now bring our passion and expertise to real food kitchen in Neston. We have always been motivated by community, sustainability, creativity, hospitality, healthiness and happiness — and believe all to be key components of a thriving business.

When we say we’re not into rules, we mean that we’re not exclusively vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or any of that. However, we do cater for all tastes and have a strong philosophy that governs the way we cook and stock our larders.

What you’ll find in our kitchen (and our recipes): local vegetables, fruits and organic dairy (plus alternatives); a rainbow of grains and legumes; spices and vinegars from across the world; lots and lots of olive oil, coconut oil and organic cold-pressed oils; free-range eggs, wild seafood; and a bit of sustainably raised organic chicken. 

What you won’t find in our kitchen (or any of our recipes): refined sugars, processed foods, margarines or any unethical farming products.

We also seek to minimise waste and thus our environmental impact. This is all part and parcel of cooking with what is referred to as ‘real food’, the benefits of which are listed below.

Our goal, on the plate is simply this: to use beautiful local produce and the best possible products to create food that is colourful, fresh, exciting and nourishing — food that makes you feel good!

We appreciate that trying to eat well can seem difficult given the hectic lives we lead. Therefore, most of our dishes can also be bought as ‘take-out’ to guarantee a healthy breakfast or lunch on the go. We also realise that getting healthy is something of a team sport and that many of us lack the time, positive encouragement and supportive relationships needed to move forward. Therefore, we offer a range of welcoming and relaxing group activities for people to join in with and enjoy such as yoga, book and walking groups, supper clubs and more.